Friday, June 27, 2008

wanted is coming!!

Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) is offered the opportunity to seek revenge for the murder of his father, a member of a thousand-year-old group of assassins called the Fraternity who follow death orders issued by the Loom of Fate. The group's leader, Sloan (Morgan Freeman), invites Gibson to follow in his father's footsteps. Sloan appoints assassin Fox (Angelina Jolie) to mentor the young man. When Fox meets Wesley, he is being followed by the man that killed his father. After a narrow escape, Fox and the fraternity begin to train Wesley. The training is brutal. It is meant to harden Welsey into the killing machine that the Fraternity needs. At first he is given orders to kill people he does not know. On his first such assignment, he does not pull the trigger. He questions Fox (Angelina) That how do we know who is bad or good? She answers telling him her story. Her father was a judge. An assassin was sent to their house. He killed her father in front of her by setting him on fire. He then branded her on the neck. It turns out that the assassin had been targeted for killing, but he was not killed. Fox says that's what the Fraternity does. Kill one to save a thousand. Wesley then proceeds to kill his target. He is given a few more targets to take out. After getting shot Welsey analyzes the bullet and finds out where it came from. He is given the go ahead by Sloan to find the bullet maker. Fox admits to Sloan, that she believes it to be a bad idea. Sloan tells Fox she must kill Wesley. He travels to Asia to find the maker. Once there he has a confrontation with his fathers killer in a moving train. The train crashes and when Wesley is about to fall, he is rescued by his fathers killer. Wesley does not hesitate and shoots him, even though it will cost him his life, as he is still hanging over the edge. Before the killer dies, he tells Wesley that he, is his father. Fox comes out of the shadows and confirms the story. Wesley makes a narrow escape. He is rescued by the bullet maker an wakens across the street from his former apartment. He tells Wesley that Sloan is making killings for profit, not for the good of mankind. He wants Wesley to have a normal life and gives him a plane ticket. Wesley plots to take revenge on the fraternity. He captures several hundred rats and places mini bombs on them. He crashes a garbage truck into the Fraternity compound. After all the rats explode, he charges in, killing all the Fraternity members he encounters. When he reaches Sloan's office, he is immediately surrounded by Fox and a few other high level assassins. Wesley tells the story that Sloan is killing for profit. Fox asks Sloan if this is true. He states that what is true, is that all of their names came up as targets. By doing what he did, he has saved all their lives. He goes eon to say, if they really believe in their code, they should commit suicide. Fox shoots and curves the bullets trajectory so it kills all the Fraternity members in the room. The bullet does completes the arc and the last person it hits is Fox herself. She drops to the floor dead. Wesley then tricks Sloan into believing that he has returned to his normal life. He takes out Sloan when Sloan goes to Wesley's former place of employment. When Sloan finds the "decoy Wesley" Wesley takes him out with a sniper shot.

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