Monday, April 28, 2008

Sorry baby-MIz PwiNcez Cheviouz(our song)

Baby I need to talk

But u just go

Leaving me behind u

Don’t worry baby

I won’t cry about u

I have to go

U can go too

Don’t come back to me

After what u have done to me


I’m not stupid

I’m not blank

I don’t have to love u anymore

you can go out of my life

to me your name have lose in my mind and my heart

sorry baby


I need to go

See u soon baby

I hope u can meet the prefect girl

I love you such my brother

I like you such my friend

But I hate you coz you’re my ex boyfriend


I love u baby !!!

But u hurt me…

What can I say

Sorry baby

I don’t want to see u

I don’t want u calling me anymore

Thanks to Riby

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